Your Language Assistant for Bite-Sized Learning

Unlock the joy of language learning without sacrificing your time.

Struggling to fit in study time between work, family, and other commitments?

You're not alone. Fluent is your on-the-go assistant designed to make language learning effortless and engaging, one chat at a time. It's learning that fits your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Our Amazing Features

Bit-sized interactions

Translate a sentence, then interact with its slight variation. Each chat is brief and stand-alone.

Interactive Learning

Ask your AI assistant to clarify words, explain grammar, or provide insights into idiomatic phrases.


Use Fluent during your morning coffee, commute, or any stolen moment in the day.

How it Works?

Mastering a new language can feel overwhelming. That's where steps in, ensuring you experience the language actively. Every interaction, no matter how brief, brings you closer to fluency.

1. Initiate a Chat

Sign into your account and select the language you want to learn with your proficiency level.You can learn Danish, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and more to come.

2. Engage in Translation

Your AI-powered assistant will serve up a sentence in your target language. It's your turn to translate!

3. Guidance at Every Step

Unsure about a word or phrase? Just ask. Your assistant is tailored to support your unique learning journey, answering questions, breaking down sentences, and even clarifying intricate grammar details — always with a positive and encouraging tone.

4. Feel the Progress

With just a few minutes a day, you'll boost your understanding and confidence in the target language.

What Users Are Saying

Fluent made it effortless to start recognizing common words and language patterns in Danish, which significantly boosted my confidence and curiosity for more.

It gives me more confidence during my classes in language school.

I always wanted to learn French, but other solutions wanted me to focus on individual words. With Fluent, I learn phrases in context and I can bother assistant with all my beginner questions.

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